All Myvstrican species can crossbreed, although it doesn't happen super often. Since it's somewhat uncommon, you need a hybrid MYO slot to create one. Though that may change in the future, and you'll also be able to breed your characters at some point (we're working on it!).


A hybrid can be a mix of any two species. The hybrid will inherit things like body type, eyes, ears, nose, or tail from either of their parents (they can but don't have to be all from the same parent; it's usually a mix), as well as certain other traits, depending on the parents' species (listed below).

Traits inherited from different species — the hybrid will have at least one of these from each parent:
Mystimew — claws, hat and scarf (or something shaped like them), familiar
Squak — beak, horns, wing arms and/or bird feet
Crystag — crystal legs, horn, one eye, iridescent feathers, wings, crystals
Mewmaid — land and water forms (including gills), third eye, fins, vibration sensors/soft horns
Gastroplush — being a living plush, simple eyes and/or eyes on stalks, gills or shell, thick "whiskers"
Abystera — dark armor with spikes (on the same areas as abysterata), big sharp teeth, mutations
Dromeowyrm — horns, long snout, feathered arms, bird feet
Formivia — segmented, exoskeletal body with varying amount of fur, antennae, quills
Micapra — mushroom cap "hat", two sets of ears, two sets of whiskers, neck fluff, mycelium lower body
Mosstags — cloven hooves, fluffy neck and tail, rocks and/or moss (or other plants) on body, vestigial third eye


Amanita, a mystimew/micaprum hybrid.

More examples to come!