Dromeowyrms are relatives of squaks, who stuck to running and gliding instead of flying. They have very raptor-like anatomy, with relatively small wings on their arms and strong legs (with bird feet). Their tails and necks are quite thick, giving their bodies a worm-like shape. Dromeowyrms are completely covered in short feathers, though their snouts, arms, and/or feet may occasionally be featherless, and instead covered in scales. Similar to squaks, they have horns and ears of varying shapes and sizes; however unlike them, dromeowyrms have long snouts and even longer tongues!


Dromeowyrms live in small groups, in the trees, which they're adapted to gliding between. They mostly slurp up bugs with their long tongues, however they can eat meat as well; their high speed on land allows them to hunt, too. They're just as friendly and curious as squaks.