Welcome to the Myvstrica MYO Guide! (MYO means "make your own", if you don't know)

First of all, you have to be a member of the Discord server and/or the world (linked on the main page of this site) to get your MYO approved!

Keep in mind the masterlist is on, so please join the world and add your characters after getting them approved! If you don't have an account, we'd recommend getting one, but let us know and we might work something out (but we'd still prefer almost all of the characters being on the TH masterlist).

Second, when can you make your own characters? For semi-open species, you can freely make them, just keep in mind you need to get them officially approved. For closed species, you need a MYO slot, which you can currently get by participating in events or just buying one (message Max if you want to buy one for real money; sproutcoin option is coming eventually). For hybrids, you need specifically a hybrid MYO slot; you can't make a hybrid using a regular MYO slot! Right now there's... not really a way to get one, but in the future there will be!

Some of our semi-open species have special traits, which can only be used by official designers. So, for example, you can't make a formivia with wings; you could get one as an adopt, though. The point of this is that those traits are supposed to be rare in the species, or they're just a weird possible exception that others could maybe get wrong (like micapra with just fungi instead of a proper cap).

Here's the actual approval process, in points for readability:

  1. Read the info in this guide, which I assume you already did..?
  2. Read the guide for the species you want to make a character of.
  3. Design your character! Make sure the ref you will be submitting shows the design well! Consider these:
    a. the side of the body should be visible for feral species; this is less important for anthros
    b. the head/face is fine from the front, side, or anything in between. use whichever angle you feel shows off the design best!
    c. flat color is prefered!! but shading is alright as long as it's minimal and generally just clear what's part of the design and what's shading. for the sake of anyone drawing your character, just don't use soft shading on refs
    d. unless you almost entirely draw traditionally, please draw the ref digitally! traditional is fine if you don't draw digitally, just make sure it's clean enough to see the design
  4. Send your ref to the #myo-approval channel in the server or post it here! We'll let you know if it's approved or if there's something you should change
    a. for closed species and hybrids, we'd appreciate it if you added how you got the MYO slot, since we may not remember

Hopefully that makes enough sense! Again, please feel free to ask about anything you're unsure about!