So you've seen these critters around and want to know how you can get one of your own? this page is for you!

First way is adoptables! These are premade designs you can buy, you can find them through the discord server (available designs are pinned in the adoptable channel!), retweeted on the twitter account or on the creators twitter account (or his other accounts found here)

The second way, is customs! If you want a myvstrica character custom designed for you according to your specifications, this ones for you! Currently you can get these from Max (twitter & other links, also can be DMed on discord if you're in the server) for $70* through DMs. (*may be more if you'd like a mewmaid with both forms drawn/designed)

Finally, theres MYOs! If you'd like to make a design yourself of one of the semi-open species (dromeowyrms, luceaptera, etc), you can do so for free! You just need to get them approved* (you can do so through the discord server, toyhouse, or messaging the creator)
(*for convenience, if you have bought one of the VR models, you do not have to get yours approved)

If you'd like an MYO slot of one of the closed species (mystimews, squaks, etc) a slot will cost $10, message the creator to get one!
(In the future, if there will be enough demand, there may be free MYO events, where you can make MYOs of closed species freely with official approval for a limited time, but not for the time being)

In the future, there may be more methods (giveaways, contests, etc), but that's all there is to it currently!