technically still a work in progress
feel free to ask any questions you have!

Q: What's a closed species?
A closed species is an original species (commonly on deviantART), that people (aside from creators and possibly few other people) can't create without paying a fee. Commonly distributed through adoptables, adoptable auctions, customs and MYOs (Make Your Own).

Q: What does semi-open species mean?
In this case, it means you can freely make characters of the species, but you have to get them officially approved before actually using them, as well as follow possibly a bit more rules than with a completely open species.

Q: How do I get one of these critters?
All of our currently open adopts are right here! There tends to be some open adopts from at least one species at most times. You can also buy a custom or a MYO slot if they're availible. Or if they're not. Feel free to ask someone, the organisation here is a bit of a mess currently.