Introducing... currency! Wow! Who doesn't love some ARPG currency?

So, how do you get them?
The most basic way to earn coins is to draw Myvstricans! Whether it be yours, or somebody else's (just make sure to credit the owner!). You actually get bonus coins for drawing gift art! So, you don't even need to own a Myvstrican character to start earning coins. You may also recieve bonus coins for drawing art based on group prompts and for participating in events and DTAs!

Where can you use them?
You may use your coins to change your characters' designs, or even species in this shop. You can also purchase MYO slots, customs, or adopts, either fully with coins or using them for a discount. There might be more uses in the future if we think of anything!

How and where are they counted?
The details on how to count sproutcoins are below! As for where, you have to keep your own tracker; we recommend you use this spreadsheet (file > make a copy to use it; contact Fen if something doesn't work!). Alternatively, you can make your own tracker, for example like this one.


> Sproutcoins are earned for drawing or writing about Myvstrican characters.
> You have a single total, not separate counts for all your characters.
> When purchasing something for sproutcoins you need to substract them from your current total.
> Reused lines (bases, minor line edits) do not count for extra coins. If you make a base, you only get coins for the first time you use it.
> You have to actually count your sproutcoins somewhere! Make a tracker! Link it somewhere visible, please.


> Basics are counted separately for each character in an image. For example:
> If you draw a shaded fullbody of your own character, you get 4+4=8 coins.
> If you draw a flat color halfbody of someone else's character, you get 2+2+2=6 coins.

> Fullbody – (almost) 100% of the body visible — 4 coins
> Halfbody — around 50% of the body visible; this includes busts! — 2 coins
> Headshot — just the head visible — 1 coin

> Uncolored — no color or just one solid color — adds 0 coins
> Flat color — colors accurate to the character's design, with no shading on the character — adds 2 coins
> Shaded — accurate colors and shadows/light visible on the character — adds 4 coins

> Gift — character drawn belongs to someone else — adds 2 coins each


> Extras are counted only once. For example:
> If you draw a flat color background for one or two or four characters, you get 2 coins along with the total for those characters.
> If you write 600 words about one or two or four characters, you get 12 coins.

> No/simple background — also includes simple shapes, a solid color, etc! — adds 0 coins
> Flat color scene — a background of an actual scene, with no shading on the scene — adds 2 coins
> Shaded — a background of an actual scene, with shadows/light visible on the scene — adds 4 coins

> Writing — every 100 words gives you 2 coins


> Count normally for the first frame, then according to these for each next frame. For example:
> A fullbody flatcolor animation with 5 slightly edited frames will get you 4+2(first frame)+4(other frames)=10 coins.
> A halfbody uncolored animation with 8 fully redrawn frames will get you 2(first frame)+14(other frames)=9 coins.

> Unique frames — add 1 coin for each unique frame (in any way different from other frames, including small changes)
> Hand drawn frames — add 1 more coin for each frame that's about mostly redrawn, rather than just edited


> Other things! More to be added as necessary. Feel free to ask for something to be added.

> Uncolored 3D — 3D work of any kind (digital, clay and such) with no colors — 10 coins
> Colored 3D — 3D work with colors accurate to the design; not added digitally unless it's already digital — 15 coins